Thursday, September 24, 2015

State Line Walmart Donates School Supplies to GC-4

The State Line Walmart delivered some exciting news to the Grandview C-4 school district in the form of school supplies.  Employees selected our district to be the recipients of several pallets of schools supplies.  At the end of the 'back to school' season it usually selects a local organization to donate what's left to. GC-4 is proud to be on the receiving end of Walmart’s generosity.  Thank you State Line Walmart for supporting our district!

GHS Flag Pole, Place of Prayer for Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Grandview High School’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) joined high schools across the country Wednesday morning for a national day of prayer at the school's flag pole.  The event See You at the Flag Pole brought out local pastors and members of Grandview’s faith-based community to pray with students. The program also consisted of praise and worship and personal testimonials.  This is one of two spiritual events celebrated by FCA at high schools and communities nationwide.  The next one, Fields of Faith, is October 18th 7:00pm-8:00pm, at the GHS football field.   

Friday, September 11, 2015

Grandview Police Creates a “Move Toward the Badge” Initiative to Strengthen Community Relationship

The Grandview Police Department partnered with the Grandview School District to rollout the premier of a powerful recruitment video that shares personal stories of Grandview officers. The event brought high school students and officers together during a Pizza with Police lunch hour Friday.

“Move Toward the Badge” is a concept aimed to encourage trusting relationships between the community and local law enforcement.  This event is just one of the police department’s many community engagement programs that is proactive in forming positive relationships with the youth of the Grandview community. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and speak with officers one-on-one.

“We strive to make positive connections with the youth; we see this as a long-term investment both in their future and our City’s future. We hope the video resonates with our local students. The City of Grandview is blessed with a diverse community. It would be great if we could develop some “home-grown” police officers, students that we have had contact with in grade school, middle school, high school and beyond. ,” said Charles Iseman, Grandview Police Chief. 

The event was featured on NBC 41 Action News and KMBZ radio. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

There's an Easy Way to Stay Up to Date on GC-4's Board of Education

Find out what GC-4's Board of Education is up to anytime you want by using eBOARDsolutions. eBOARD allows you to get easy access to what's going on in the most current meeting, as well as past meetings and minutes.

You can access eBOARD from the district's homepage, then click BOE, and then click the eBOARDsolutions logo. Just like that, you'll have access to board policies, strategic planning, links to school sites and other important information.
Below is a link, you can copy and paste. It explains how to navigate the site. Once you're there you can also scroll over 'News' on the black menu bar to find more in-depth tutorials.