Wednesday, March 4, 2015

H3TV Visits Martin City with Magic, Dance & A Message

On March 3rd, H3TV visited Martin City Elementary.  Reggie Reg and Rappin Roy did an all school assembly. H3TV is a highly innovative organization that is dedicated to changing lives. Our goal is to lead the nation in making positive changes one family at a time. We focus on planting seeds in the minds of families that will reap productivity and success for future generations. H3TV connects with people through music, entertainment and a message!

While the headquarters are currently in Kansas City, Missouri, the programs are global in scope. The global scale includes national and international concerts, educational programming, workshops, speaking engagements, music distribution, and television broadcasting. H3TV currently has a national product line on the market through US Toy and they are currently working on a national Children’s Television show called “Keep it Moving”.

Rappin Roy (Roy Scott) is a Grandview C-4 alum.

Click here for pictures from the event.

A Grandview School Interview with GC-4 Grad Roy Scott of H3TV Enterprises

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